Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Urgent: Translation & Video Editing Request

Translation & Video Editing Request

ALIF is looking to have 3 video interviews with orphans and sex workers transcribed from Amharic to English. The videos were recently recorded in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and are between 3 to 5 mins long. The videos will be shown at an upcoming event to raise awareness about the plight of Ethiopia’s orphans and sex workers, as well as children living with HIV/AIDS.

Additionally, if you have knowledge of video editing we also would greatly appreciate your help, as once the interviews are translated we need to put the English subtitles on the video.

Geographical location is not an issue as the video will be uploaded to the ALIF website, and thus viewable to anyone. Please e-mail me ( if you are able to assist with this initiative to amplify the voice of the marginalized and underserved.

Nasir Al-Amin
Founder/Executive Director

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