Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fundraising Events for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

By: Nasir Al-Amin

I want to thank Laila and Ambreen, for hosting fundraising events at their homes for ALIF’s Hiwot (Life) Campaign, an initiative to enhance educational opportunities for orphans and vulnerable children. Their efforts have secured an education for more that 8 impoverished children, with contributions still coming in.

In our globalizing world, it has become evident that we as citizens of a global community have to work in unison to address the world’s problems, which affect us all either directly or indirectly. Thus, beyond the funds raised one, of the dynamic features of their events was the diverse group of women who came together to discuss the plight of worlds orphans and vulnerable children—Yemeni, Pakistani, Mexican, Egyptian, African American, Iraqi, Tunisian, Palestinian, Haitian, Jamaican and a number of other rich ethnic backgrounds as well.

I sincerely appreciate all who attended and again, want to thank Ambreen and Laila for assisting ALIF in its mission to benefit humanity one child at a time!

Nasir Al-Amin

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