Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Father’s Struggle: “I just want to be able to send her to school.” {Video 1 & 2}

{Video Part 1}

{Video Part 2}

Mr. Tekle is a single father of two children and day laborer at a construction site in which he earns 10 Birr (1.08 USD) a day. He lives in an extremely small dwelling with his two children, one of which is 6 year old Bete.

His major difficulties are:
(1) Shelter: His home is unsafe to live in, as the roof is very old and leaks, as well as the walls are covered with cardboard—which has proven dangerous in the event of a fire.
(2) Scarcity of Food: “We are not getting enough food.”
(3) School Fees: Tekle can not afford the school cost for both of his children.

(1) “I want to renovate my house; I want it to be safe for the children.”
(2) “I need assistance with food and schooling cost for my children.”

(1) “I want my children to get a good education.”

Bete’s Vision:
(1) “I want to be a doctor.”

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