Saturday, October 27, 2007

Organizational Sponsor: ESAi

By: Nasir Al-Amin
Logo: ESAi

I want to first say that I’m extremely excited about having ESAi as an organizational sponsor of ALIF’s Hiwot (Life) Campaign. Recently, I returned from nearly a month in Ethiopia, in which I had the opportunity to visit the homes of more than 25 orphans and vulnerable children, as well as sex workers in some of Ethiopia’s most impoverished communities.

ALIF launched the Hiwot (Life) Campaign on October 27, 2006 with the aim to send 50 orphans and vulnerable children to school in connection with the Millennium. It gives me great pleasure to say that we not only met that goal, but we exceeded it in securing an education for more than 50 orphans and vulnerable children in Ethiopia.

Thus, I’m honored that ESAi has joined our mission and look forward to working in partnership as united agents of change for the betterment of not only orphans and vulnerable children, but humanity as well!

One Life at a Time,
Nasir Al-Amin

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