Monday, October 08, 2007

Event: FAST-A-THON (Speaking Engagement)

In the Islamic month of Ramadan, Muslims fast during daylight hours as an act of submission, solidarity, and remembrance. One of the main reasons for fasting is to call attention to those who go hungry every day, not as an exercise of religious expression, but as a fact of life. In the world today, there are millions of orphans that do not receive proper nourishment and education. Therefore, this year Fordham’s MSA is raising money to help orphans and vulnerable children in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has approximately 6 million orphans; in addition an estimated 7.8 million children are given no form of education. To respond to this deplorable situation, the Fordham Muslim Student Association (MSA) has organized a Ramadan Fast-a-thon, an event that hopes to sponsor at least 10 children in Ethiopia. The proceeds will be given to a non-profit organization called ALIF, which is dedicated to enhance the quality of life as well as the well-being of orphans in Ethiopia.

We are asking Fordham students and staff to go hungry for one day, so someone else won’t have to. To participate, students can either fill out a pledge form at the table or email us with subject line “I pledge”. On October 9th, we will abstain from food and drink during the daylight hours. At the end of the day, participants are invited to a free dinner in the Music Room at 6pm to break their fast.Speakers at

Imam Siraj Wihaj (Muslim Scholar, Imam of Masjid Al-Taqwa): Will discuss the relationship between Ramadan and the signficance of charity

Nasir Al-Amin (Founder of ALIF): Will provide insight into the plight of orpans and vulnerable children as well as the plight of sex worker in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


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