Thursday, June 28, 2007

What life is left after slavery?

Via: BBC News/Sallie George
Photo: PA

Sandra, from Sierra Leone, came to the UK aged 11 after being befriended by a British man who told her he could help her find a school.

Once in the UK, she was taken to a flat in London and not allowed out. When she was 12 she was drugged and gang raped. From that day on, she was forced to serve up to 10 men every day. When she attempted suicide aged 15, Sandra was moved to a separate location and locked in solitary confinement. Ms Kralj said: "This isolation and terror endured for a further five years with increased levels of physical violence at the hands of her pimp."

One morning, her captor forgot to lock her bedroom door before leaving the house and Sandra grabbed her chance and ran. She was later picked up by the police, who asked her for identification. When she was unable to produce any, she was arrested and later jailed for immigration offences.

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