Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sex slavery widespread in England

There is evidence of thousands of children working in the sex trade
Photo by: PA

"Young women tricked into coming to England, often by boyfriends, are being sold off in auctions at airport coffee shops as soon as they arrive.They are among the thousands of women brought into the UK to be sex slaves, usually with no idea of their fate."

"Jiera, a 19-year-old from Lithuania who was helped by the Poppy Project, thought she was coming to London on holiday with friends, only to find they were people traffickers who sold her into prostitution. She said: "When I was with clients I tried to pretend I was doing something else, but I couldn't. It made me so angry that I was often violent towards the clients. "The man who owned me beat me and then sold me on. I was too much trouble."

"Even if my friends don't judge me for what happened, they will always know what I did. They will never forget, and neither can I."

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