Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sex slave regrets 'ruined' life

The Home Office estimates 4,000 are trafficked into the UK every year
Via: BBC News/Anna Blackburn
Photo by: BBC

"Beaten, betrayed and forced to have sex with up to 20 men a day - it sounds like a horror story but this is the testimony of a sex slave in Leicester. "

"Edita, who was 19 when she was brought into the UK illegally from Lithuania, said her life had been ruined by the experience. Before I was trafficked, I was living at home with my mother. We were both unemployed and very poor," Edita said. "I had a boyfriend. He was violent and threatened me a lot but I was too afraid to break up with him and sometimes he gave me money which I needed."

"He suggested we went to the UK to look for work. I did not trust him but did not dare say no," she said. What followed for Edita, now 26, was a long journey from Albania in a lorry through Italy and France. When the lorry crossed from France into the UK, she had to lie on the floor of the cab as she had no papers. At the end of the journey, the "better life" that Edita had been promised was just a distant daydream."

"When I arrived in the UK, my boyfriend drove me to a flat in Leicester. When we arrived he took me inside and said I would be living there with him and some other men," she explained. "He told me what I would be doing - having sex with men to earn him money. I was so frightened and told him I did not want to do it.
"He hit me and then he and the other men in the flat - four of them - gang-raped me. It was horrific. I felt destroyed inside."

"Edita spent three years working in the flat, seven days a week, having sex with between 15 and 20 men a day. She was not allowed to leave and the men threatened to kill her mother if she tried to escape."

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