Monday, June 04, 2007

Broken bodies — broken dreams: violence against women exposed

Photo: IRIN
Publication: OCHA/IRIN

"Violence against women is a pandemic, one that transcends the bounds of geography, race, culture, class and religion. It touches virtually every community, in virtually every corner of the globe. Too often sanctified by custom and reinforced by institutions, it thrives on widespread impunity for perpetrators in what remains a patriarchal world that is reluctant to grant women equal rights and protection from gender-based violence."

*"Broken bodies — broken dreams: violence against women exposed offers a powerful testimony of the different types of gender-based violence experienced by women and girls worldwide throughout their lives, through the use of photographs, individual case studies and illustrative text. The publication is part of OCHA/IRIN’s ongoing campaign to highlight the issues of violence against women through film, text and photography."

**"For more information on broken bodies — broken dreams, please contact:

***"Broken Bodies Broken Dreams comes with a training CD included which includes a summary presentation of each of the 15 chapters of the book. It is available on Amazon books and can also be directly purchased through Earthprint at"

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