Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The small hands of slavery: modern day child slavery

Source: Eldis
Authors: Save the Children UK
Publisher: Child Rights Information Network , 2007

Article: The small hands of slavery: modern day child slavery

*The following are excerpts from the aforementioned article:

Across the world, millions of children are currently being subjected to slavery. This report provides an introduction to the circumstances and abuses of children in the eight most prevalent forms of child slavery:
~child trafficking
~child prostitution
~bonded labour
~mining work
~agricultural labour
~child soldiers
~forced child marriage
~domestic slavery

Photographs, case study examples and direct quotes illustrate the experiences of enslaved children.
The report presents recommendations for governments and international organisations on actions to combat child slavery through:
~interventions to rescue and protect enslaved children
~legislation to criminalize child slavery
~the reduction of the supply of children for slavery, through measures such as working with communities and families to ~address poverty, provide them with access to credit, and offer education

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*Note the abovementioned excerpts are direct quotes from the article and thus all credit and references should be afforded to the authors/sources.

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