Monday, January 14, 2008

Ethiopian girl on death row in Bahrain

Source: BBC News

Article: Ethiopian girl on death row in Bahrain

*The following are excerpts from the aforementioned article:

The Ethiopian authorities are appealing to Bahrain to lift a death sentence against a 20-year-old Ethiopian maid accused of murdering her employer. Yeshiwork Zewdu is accused of killing her employer using a meat cleaver. 

The housemaid's case has heightened existing concern about the predicament of nearly 25,000 Ethiopian women working as maids throughout the Middle East.

"It's a total shock for us. For a young woman to reach such a position, there must be something wrong going on," said Haile Mikael. The minister said Yeshiwork's colleagues had spoken of how the girl had been subjected to physical and psychological torture for the past two years.

"She was badly treated for about two years. She was not paid a single coin," said Haile Mikael.

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