Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another Ethiopian maid is found hanged

Source: Gulf Daily News

Bahrain - AN Ethiopian maid hanged herself at her Bahraini sponsor's house in Barbar at around 1pm yesterday.  The victim, who was in her 20s, was found hanging from a shower curtain rail by her sponsor, Chief Public Prosecutor Ahmed Bucheeri said yesterday. "The sponsor suspected that something was wrong with the housemaid so he broke into the bathroom to find her hanging from the rail," said Mr Bucheeri.

"She had hung herself using her scarf."

Mr Bucheeri went down to the scene and examined the body, along with a medical examiner, who found no signs of foul play.  The sponsor tried to save her by cutting down the scarf but it was too late, said Mr Bucheeri.  "Apparently the housemaid suffered from emotional problems and wanted to go back to her country, but her family insisted she stay in Bahrain," he said.  The sponsor said they had tried to get her medical help before.  "We took her to see a psychiatrist several times to help her get through her problems, but it was no use," he said.  Investigations are continuing.

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