Saturday, May 26, 2007

"The warmth of the people's hearts is slipping away."

Zimbabwe crisis leads to moral decay
Via: BBC
Photo: AFP

How do you tell your children it is important to get an education when jobs - if you are lucky enough to get one - have worthless salaries," asks one Zimbabwean mother. "They know that a quick deal on the black market can give them the same amount as a month's salary."

Tuition fees increase every term and students find it impossible to pay even for notebooks, much less books. You have to go on the black market in order to pay for all this. "It is so hypocritical," said one young student.

The official rate for $1 is 250 Zimbabwe dollars but on the black market $1 can net you more than 40,000 Zimbabwe dollars. That's fine if you can get your hands on foreign exchange, but what happens if you can't? "I earn 200,000 [Zimbabwe] dollars a month," said a security guard. "But cooking oil costs 90,000 and I still haven't paid for food, rent, clothes, school fees and transport to work. How am I supposed to live?"

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