Monday, May 28, 2007

Social grants alleviate poverty

Via: Mail & Guardian
Nomfundo Mcetywa Johannesburg, South Africa

"In the absence of employment opportunities, child grants are often the only way to address the lack of income for children living in poverty."

Hall said that social grants had also helped children overcome financial barriers that prevented them from going to school."According to a general household survey conducted by Statistics South Africa, school attendance for children between eight and 14 years is 98%. From 15 to 17 years children's attendance rates start to drop and the survey shows that lack of money accounts for nearly 40% of these children in this age group not attending school"

"This clearly shows that child-care grants play a big part in helping to educate our children."

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Rose said...

I do a lot of grant research work and while the bulk of my work has to do with those grant programs within the United States I have found that those grant programs that are outside the United States have very generous grant programs when it pertains to children and to their well-being. In fact in some cases there have been articles where the programs that have these grants are appealing to the people to apply for them. It seems that either people don't know about these grant programs or they are too afraid to apply for them figuring that the application process is just too complicated or they think that they might not be eligible for it.

I think finding out about all the grant programs that an area has to offer would be the first thing to do before one condemns the lack there of