Monday, December 10, 2007

Parenting an HIV Positive Child

Source: & The Monitor
by: Jackline A. Olanya

Article:Uganda: Parenting an HIV Positive Child

*The following are excerpts from the aforementioned article:

~For starters, parents and guardians of HIV positive children should gather as much information as possible about HIV/Aids.

~Ensure that you keep abreast on any new information and research as it unfolds

~The key lies in early revelation. Start talking to children early.

~If you are to protect your child's delicate emotions, learn to ask about them.

~Ask your child what he/she wants to become when they grow up. That will give a sense of future and be motivational. Also, build on their skills and talents.

~There is also need to show your love and affection. Studies have proven that infants can die and children fail to thrive when deprived of physical touch.

~Also, ensure balanced diets and any infection or disease needs prompt treatment.

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*Note the abovementioned excerpts are direct quotes from the article and thus all credit and references should be afforded to the authors/sources.

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