Monday, August 27, 2007

Profile list of 81 Orphans and Vulnerable Children

by: Nasir Al-Amin
Photo: Nasir Al-Amin

I have a list of 81 profiles of orphans and vulnerable children in need of urgent assistance. Through the Hiwot (Life) Campaign funds have been raised to provide assistance to 50 of these orphans. The following is a sample of that list:

He lives with his blind mother who is a beggar.His father is not alive.

She lives with a family who has no blood relationship with her and both are daily laborors.

She is an HIV positive child living with her HIV positive mother.The mother is a daily laboror and her father is not alive.

He is a single orphan living with his mother who is taking continious tratment for her mental health problem. The family depends on the support from neighbours and relatives.

He is a blind youngster living with his uncle. His uncle is a daily laboror(construciton work).

She is an HIV positive youngster living alone with the support of her friends and she is attending her class in a college being sponsored by the college. She has no relative here in Addis.

She is a double orphan living with her grandmother who has mental health problem. The family does not have its own income and depends on the support from relatives and neighbours.

He is a double orphan living with his grandmother in a temporary shelter. Both the child and his grandmother are totally dependant on a kind neighbour for their food.

She is a double orphan living with her grandmother's family who depends on her children's support.

She is a double orphan living with her grandmother's family. Her grandmother sells Injera and this is the income source for the family.

He is a double orphan living with his grandmother in a temporary shelter who is dependant on her neighbours support for her and the child's food.

He lives with his grand mother who does not have her own income except the support from her married children.

His mother is not alive and he lives with his HIV positive father who is a daily laborour.

She has lost her both parents and is currently living with her uncle who is a working as a guard.

She is a double orphan living with a family whom she has no blood relationship with.

She is also a double orphan living with her grandmother who sells charcoal on a road side. She is also works as a servant during the day time and attend school in the night.

She lives with her HIV positive mother who sells charcoal and her father is not alive.

He lives with his parents. His father is HIV positive and daily laboror. His mother is also daily laboror but not HIV positive.

She lives with her HIV positive parents who are both daily laborors.

These orphans are Our Shared Future! Contribute to the Hiwot (Life) Campaign today!

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