Thursday, August 10, 2006

Obstacles to Education

It cost $5 for one girl’s uniform and only $4 for one boy’s uniform!
In Ethiopia, school enrollment is based on a number of conditions. Two of these conditions are that students must have a school uniform and pay the tuition fee. Unfortunately, these conditions prohibit orphans and vulnerable children from poverty-stricken families from enrolling in school. Thus, one of the aims of Project FACE is to alleviate this barrier to education for orphans and vulnerable children.

A detailed breakdown of the cost associated with covering the cost of school uniforms, materials (an exercise book, pencils, and erasers), tuition fees, and backpacks are as follows:

School Support for Girls
Number of beneficiaries: 4
Uniform 1-girl: ($5.00) 4-girls: ($20.00)
Stationary: 1-girl: ($3.00) 4-girls: ($12.00)
Backpack: 1-girl: ($4.00) 4-girls: ($16.00)
Tuition Fee: 1-girl: ($3.00) 4-girls: ($12.00)
12-Months 1-girl ($15.00) 4-girls ($60.00)

School Support for Boys
Number of beneficiaries: 3
Uniform 1-boy: ($4.00) 3-boys: ($12.00)
Stationary: 1-boy: ($3.00) 3-boys: ($9.00)
Backpack: 1-boy: ($4.00) 3-boys: ($12.00)
Tuition Fee: 1-boy: ($3.00) 3-boys: ($9.00)
12-Months 1-boy ($14.00) 4-boys ($42.00)

Please join Alliance ( in affording orphans and vulnerable children in Ethiopia with the opportunity to attend school!

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